Integrating Proof Factor with Webhooks

Here's how to integrate and pass data to Proof Factor with using Webhooks! Issues? Email us at and we'll help you fix it asap!

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Customize the User Activity Notification 
    • Click on customize under the User Activity notification type.
    • Once you are here you should configure the messaging section of the notification. We recommend using the template option. This gives you the ability to do something like User recently bought a {{ product_name }}! where product_name is the name of the different products you have inhave. Click the Done button once you are finished.Screenshot-2018-08-14-19.24.40
  3. Configure the Capture of notifications
    • Click Custom Webhook -> New Webhook and give your webhook an easy to recognize name
    • Copy the URL from the webhook and then click Use This WebhookWebhookdone
  4. Pass data to the Webhook!
    • Using the unique URL created in your webhook, set up a POST via your API to send the data to our servers
    • **Important** The payload type should be json 
    • The webhook can accept any custom fields along with the following default fields:
      	"email" : "",
      	"first_name" : "",
      	"image_url" : "",
      	"city" : "",
      	"state" : "",
      	"country" : "",
      	"ip" : ""
  5. Test your Post Call
    • Send example data to Proof Factor and we can confirm we've got it (let us know when you do!)
  6. Configure Plugin Display
    • Back to the Campaign configuration and click on Display then click the switch to custom. Enter your domain name here i.e
  7. Install the plugin on your Store

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